Project - A topic of your choice from the list below:
  • A major earthquake in the last 100 years - e.g. the Japan Earthquake 2011
  • A volcanic eruption in the last 100 years - Mount St Helens in the USA 1980
  • Geothermal Energy in Iceland
  • The Burren in Co. Clare
  • Oil & Gas exploration in Ireland
  • The Corrib Gas Project - For & Against
  • Saudi Arabia - a major oil producing country
  • A multi-national oil company

The projects will be done on A4 sheets in poster format.Use the layouts below to organise your information posters on your topic.You can download the poster layouts by using the links below.POSTER 1POSTER 2POSTER 3

1A project poster.png
Sample Page 1 Layout

1A Project Two.png
Sample Page Two layout
The following rules apply:
  • The project will be done in poster form using 3 A4 sheets.
  • The project will be done at home and in some class time
  • You will need to use the textbook and the internet to research your topic
  • Do not use information from the internet that you do not understand
  • You will have to include at least one map sketched by you
  • You will have to include at least two diagrams sketched by you
  • The project will be worth 20% of your Christmas report
  • Deadline: Friday 13th of December.