The main topics we will look at in 1st year Geography are as follows:


  1. How are rocks formed? Examples of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.

  2. How are rocks used as energy sources? e.g. oil and gas

  3. Plate Tectonics - what is the earth's crust and why does is move?

  4. Why do earthquakes and volcanoes happen?

  5. How are fold mountains are formed? e.g. Caha Mountains

  6. How rocks are weathered (worn away) by rain, ice and wind?

  7. How is limestone worn away by rainwater? What is unique about the Burren, Co. Clare?

  8. How do stalagtites and stalagmites form in underground caves?


  1. What are the three stages of a river's life?

  2. How do rivers erode the landscape?

  3. What kind of features do eroding rivers form? e.g. V shaped valleys & waterfalls

  4. How are waterfalls formed on rivers?

  5. Why do rivers slow down in the "old stage"?

  6. What is river deposition?

  7. What features form on the river when deposition happens in the old stage? e.g. meander

  8. How are rivers used to produce electricity? e.g. Hydro-electric dams


  1. What causes waves on the sea?

  2. What is coastal erosion and how does the sea erode?

  3. What are the main features of coastal erosion? e.g. Cliffs, Sea Stacks, Sea Arches

  4. Why do waves deposit rocks and sand on the coast?

  5. What are the main features of coastal deposition? e.g. Beaches, Sand Bars

  6. How are beaches used by people? Tourism, Leisure activities

Map Work

  1. What is scale on a map?

  2. How do different scales change the map?

  3. How do you know the compass points on a map?

  4. What information can we learn from maps?

  5. What are Ordnance Survey maps?

  6. What is the Irish national grid and how do you get grid references?

  7. How do you sketch Ordnance Survey maps?

  8. How are aerial photographs useful?